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Points to note laser to tattoo

Le 15 March 2016, 09:08 dans Humeurs 0

First, what is the laser to tattoo?


Laser Laser tattoo removal  to tattoo pigments principle is broken, then phagocyte, method or other ways absorbed laser energy right after launch and successfully penetrate the skin lesions on into the lesion site, land treatment thorn dye is gasified in a strong laser shock, crushing, making tattoo colors fade. This faded when treatment can be seen clearly.


Professional laser tattoo removal tattoo laser irradiation immediately appear gray and a little bit like bleeding appropriate intervals of two to three months call back. Be sure to space, from the pathological point of view, just two to three months after the pigment together, linearly distributed, playing better.


Second, why some tattoos require laser treatment many times?


Generally lighter tattoo can be a laser treatment can receive very significant results, even completely go away, but if the tattoo deeper, then, through a treatment is difficult to completely eliminate, in this case usually it requires multiple treatments in order to play the effect. Tattoo laser treatment effects also have a great relationship with the dye quality tattoo, such as eye liner tattoo dye particles used in relatively small, compared with pure ingredients and dyes, treatment effect is significant, basically a treatment can be significantly eliminated. Ordinary tattoo dye used are basically ink, the ink is not only coarse, and many magazines, so in the treatment of the eye than the difficulty tattoo pattern to be bigger, once the treatment is difficult to completely eliminate the need for the 4-6 times a course in order to receive good results, and the interval time between the treatment of not less than one month.


Third, the laser to tattoo will not leave a scar after treatment?


Now with advanced medical equipment, laser tattoo go hardly leave scars, but will not hurt the skin. After treatment can be fully restored through proper skin care like the original, but there are some people with poor physical scars may occur, all pre-treatment, the individual's body should tell your physician diagnosis, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble also do laser treatment before a moisturizer for their own security, rest assured shaping.


Fourth, the laser treatment on the skin to tattoo in the end have no effect?


Patients with different skin is not the same, the laser skin treatment response there are great individual differences, coupled with each patient's condition are not the same, from mild to severe, all specific to each person and the number of treatments the gap between individuals also have a great relationship, and Asian continents with other people is not the same skin, skin characteristics vary for individual patients may produce pigmentation, usually the doctor will take precautionary measures to avoid pigmentation to reduce pigmentation occur. Even individual patients occurred pigmentation will go away in a few months, no special treatment.


Fifth, how to care for laser tattoo go after?


Since the visual judgment of color is more dull, only about 50% regression of lesion color you just may feel the effects of treatment, in general, if after the first treatment, the original blue turned brown, which means 50% of the pigment has faded the above. Since the Asian characteristics of the skin, some patients may occur pigmentation, usually the doctor will take precautionary measures to avoid pigmentation to reduce pigmentation occur. Even individual patients occurred pigmentation will go away in a few months, without special treatment. After treatment the treated area occurs in varying degrees of skin edema (depending on individual differences, edema is different), may also have mild bleeding, which is a normal response to treatment, do not be nervous.

finding the right wedding dresses

Le 20 January 2015, 07:59 dans Humeurs 1

I must say I love the  Robe de mariée en ligne new season trends for wedding dresses. Now wedding dresses look more wearable and suited to every figure. Last seasons dresses were so tight fitting, so structured you wondered how anyone above a size zero could ever hope to pull one off successfully, nevermind even be able to walk in some of them! So I was both inspired and delighted by the photo shoots presented in the magazine this month.. 

While most online stores to keep their word, there are many who just maintain online business as an extension of their retail business casual dress. In cases like this, can fulfill the online business just isn't so regularly. Only a precaution, e-mail or call to learn for relief.. 


The expertise of wedding dress shop owners is the knowledge of the nature of the client. Many owners get more businesses from referrals by previous clients. Often times, these shops are so personalized that there are many notes seen in the shop of well pleased customers or should I say, friends. 


Or how about the A-Line Satin Lace Scalloped Neckline Floor Length Wedding Dress! The bodice is covered with exquisitely embroidered lace with a scalloped neckline. The gown has a long and flowing train that makes the bride look gorgeous and elegant. The hem of the gown has lace at the bottom for an exquisite look. 


A lot of my customers worry about how to wear a tiara , thinking there are definite rules - but there aren , it just depends how it looks. Most tiaras are malleable to some extent so don be afraid to adjust the base so that it fits more comfortably. Do you wear the tiara at the front or the back of your head? Again that up to you - and possibly your hairdresser to decide - but they can be held in place via a small hole in the back or even with some tiaras via a pair of plastic combs attached at the back.. 


The single biggest change to the modern bridal gown has been in the type and amount of the materials that are used. Big, extravagant dresses with flowing veils, long trains, and heavily brocaded fabrics are out. The modern bride actually wants to enjoy her wedding day, so she has bid a fond farewell to uncomfortable dresses that do not breathe. 


However, printed coroplast signs remain clear, strong, and visible,  Robes de soirée pas cher even in a downpour. In fact, coroplast signs can take any type of weather without risking fading, including the blistering sun, for all of you June brides. Extreme winds are the exception, as coroplast signs are light in weight due to their 'fluted' effect through out their core.